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“I had a mild ache in my shoulder for years. I would ask my husband all the time to rub it so it would feel better. He finally suggested I see someone to correct whatever was wrong. A good friend suggested I see Dr. Ken Otto. I was surprised to learn that the problem was not a problem in my shoulder, but muscle strain from a problem in my neck. Within two months, I no longer had a constant ache in my shoulder. Not until I was pain free did I realize how much that small ache affected my disposition. My husband and children now also see Dr. Otto for chiropractic care. I would recommend Dr. Otto’s chiropractic care. Dr. Otto’s chiropractic care has improved the way I feel. He would like to do that for you as well.”   – CarolAnn R.



“A couple months ago, Dr. Ken asked me how I would describe my experience with his office over the past year and a half or so. I had only two words; “Life changing”.

I had struggled with back pain since a work injury when I was working a summer job at just age 19. Over the years the pain would just kind of come and go, and simply became a part of my life that I just had to deal with and be conscious of to try and not hurt it more.

Then about 3 years ago, I hurt it again very bad. I was traveling a lot of the time for work, spending about 1000 miles a week in the car, plus a lot of overnight travel for work. The pain was very severe and daily. I took a lot of pain medication and was very limited on what I could do with respect to my physical body. Lifting my little girls, playing, running, pretty much anything except swimming caused pain.

Less than 2 years ago, I was handed a gift certificate from a lady my wife knew to come and meet Dr. Ken. I was open to seeing pretty much anyone / anywhere. I met Dr. Ken and he started seeing me every couple days. After not much time pain was becoming less and less and I was able to start doing more and more.

Today, nearly 2 years later, I hardly ever have pain and am enjoying doing so many of the things I thought I would never  be able to do again. I can play basketball and tennis again. I can drive and fly many miles without constant pain.

Our whole family sees Dr. Ken and the people at Otto Chiropractic on a weekly basis still today and our overall family health has been truly affected in such a positive way! We feel truly blessed to have been put in their care. And appreciate everyone there!

Thank you so much for truly helping our family experience a “Life Changing” journey with you!!”   – Ryan O.

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